The Museum of Modern Rubber has moved!

The wonderful, whimsical line of rubber stamps and paper templates created by paper engineer extraordinaire, Jane Beard is currently being licensed by Sweet Stampen Rubber Stamps.

7/18/10 - We have phone cords in stock!!! Just ask! We hope to have them on Sweet Stampen site within the week!

Attention: 12 Days of Christmas fans! For your shopping convenience, we've listed all the 12 Days products on our main shopping site. All the 12 Days stamps are at the bottom of this page.

In addition to the MOMR line, Sweet Stampen is also manufacturing the entire Pansy Lane line by acclaimed illustrator Emilie Kong. Pansy Lane images are in the Modern Rubber Catalog.

While Sweet Stampen is licensing the entire line including our cake box, purse and bloomer templates, not all of them are uploaded on their website. Until they are all online there, feel free to view our catalogs below. In addition, as we manufacture the different stamps, we are adding to our price list.


The Pansy Lane line is also completely available and that price list is here.

Just because the stamp you are looking for has no price does NOT mean that we don't have it! It only means we have not made it YET.

For any stamps NOT on the price list, feel free to email your wish list to Sweet Stampen HERE.


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